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Disaster Smart (DSCI), a nationally recognized inspection and consulting company specializes in the identification and mitigation of risk affecting the resiliency and insurability of buildings in coastal communities. Our clients include insurance companies, regulators, non-profits, realtors, builders, and consumers. Consumers lacking awareness, often make improvements that fail to address or may even increase risk. DSCI uses a unique platform to assess risk and prioritize cost effective improvements to mitigate risk. The primary cause of rising damage is unrelated to the number or strength of storms, it is a lack of enforced codes in our coastal communities over the last 60 years of development creating trillions in vulnerable properties. Informed consumers and property owners change behavior and priorities adopting a “strategy of preparedness.” This strategic, proactive approach is DSCI’s “Disaster Smart” platform. 

Highlights of IBHS Research Center 2010 Inaugural Tests

The house on the left was built to the IRC 2006 for a 90 MPH wind speed. The house on the right was built to the IRC 2006 with FORTIFIED enhancements to 110 MPH. The testing was performed using 80-100 MPH winds, the house on the left was destroyed in 15 seconds when the front door failed allowing wind to enter the structure. The house on the right survived with little damage even when the front door was braced to stay open during testing. The biggest differrence was ring shank nails on the decking and sheathing and application of structural connectors to reinforce the structure, total cost difference about $3000.00.


Disaster Resistant Construction; Taking Steps to Reduce Damage Leads to Resilient Economies supported by Affordable Private Insurance

Disaster Resistant Construction Regardless of your perspective of the insurance industry, our economic stability relies on capital to underwrite our risks to avoid large financial losses. Without insurance companies our coastal areas would return to unpopulated barrier islands and sparsely populated coastal counties. Many insurers are competing for properties that have been hardened beyond the Code with nationaly recognized improvements that have demonstrated an ability to reduce potential windstorm losses. The rewards are dependent on a change in behavior in how we build, rebuild, and maintain our structures in hurricane prone areas.

Disaster-Smart Consulting is a unique new consulting and inspection company offering advice and verification of mitigation features that in many areas can reduce insurance costs, add to the value of the property, and reduce the disruption of loss of use and high maintenance costs.

While windstorm insurance credits are mandated in Florida, many insurers were offering voluntary credits for hardened properties long before states started requiring them. Re-roofing structures with new higher wind resistant features qualify most owners for credits yet very few have pursued a simple wind mitigation inspection to certify to their insurer that these features exist.

Disaster-Smart can certify your existing wind resistant features and/or develop a program that will reduce loss, out of pocket deductibles, and potentially your windstorm insurance premiums.

1. High Wind Resistant Roof Coverings
2. Secondary Water Resistance Systems
3. Roof Decking Thickness and Attachment Systems
4. Roof To Wall Connections
5. Gable Bracing
6. Superior Wall Construction
7. Opening Protection Systems
8. Waterproofing and Sealing Systems
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RecallChek provides additional safety from fire and electrocution hazards resulting from built-in appliances that may be on  the national manufacturers safety recall lists. We offer this service Free with every Home Inspection and, with our Four Point Inspection for an additional fee of $25.00. This one time payment gives you a monthly update of any manufacturer recall on your built-in appliances for as long as you own your home. In addition, you can continue to add new appliances to make sure you are not unkowingly introducing firs, electrocution, or water damage hazards in to your home. RecallChek reduces potential property damage and offeres additiona protection to you and your family for as long as you own your home.

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