Fortfied Evaluations

What Makes Fortified Your Best Option in Home Protection?

FORTIFIED is a building method designed to improve and strengthen new and
existing homes based on 20 years of testing and field research by the Insurance
Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS).

Get a FORTIFIEDTM Roof to save money on insurance premiums and
gain the peace of mind that comes with a stronger home.

BEFORE you replace your roof ORDER the Disaster Smart FORTIFIED Home Review for only $100.00 
to get a full report on how your home can become a FORTIFIED Bronze Home

What is Fortified?

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Why do I need Fortified?

Peace of Mind

A FORTIFIED Designation means your
home is stronger and better able to
withstand the next storm, and your family
is safer and better prepared.


There are mandated insurance discounts
in many coastal states including Alabama
and Mississippi for homes that have
achieved a FORTIFIED designation.
Save up to 25% or more a year on your
wind insurance premiums over the life of
your roof, which is typically 15 years.

Improved Value

Add value to your home by reducing costs
of ownership such as maintenance and
insurance. Fortified homes are more likely
to sell faster than non-FORTIFIED homes
due to the decreased cost to own it.

Stronger Communities

As more new homes are built, and older
homes are retrofitted, to the FORTIFIED
standard, communities as a whole
become stronger and more resilient

What are My Potential Savings?

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