Louisiana program helps protect houses better against hurricanes and storm damage while lowering insurance premiums











Disaster Smart, a leader in the development and implementation of solutions to mitigate hurricane and windstorm damage, has been selected to provide the FORTIFIED Evaluation services for the MyStrongHome pilot sites in Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

This is a program that advances loans to homeowners to harden their homes to reduce property losses and uses the resulting insurance savings to pay off the loan. The mitigation retrofits are based on  the FORTIFIED Home programs advanced building standards and certification to Bronze Silver or Gold designation. FORTIFIED Homes can qualify for premium credits in many coastal states. Adopting a strategy of preparedness requires that hardening our communities become a primary factor in any economic development plan. A FORTIFIED Home designation requires the homeowner to engage the services of a FORTIFIED Evaluator before during and after improvements are being made. The Certificates are issued by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS). FOr more information and to see if you are eligible for a MyStrongHome mitigation loan visit www.mystronghome.net


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