Insurance Inspection Services and Mitigation Improvement Consulting

Insurance Agents looking to help clients find an affordable and qualified inspection service are turning to Disaster-Smart Consulting for peace of mind.

Wind Mitigation Inspection, Four Point Inspection, Roof inspection, Replacement Cost, Underwriting Inspections, and more…

The insurance markets in the coastal counties of NW Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi have dramatically changed over the past 10 years. Agents require the services of professional inspection companies that offer their clients accurate reports as well as a working knowledge of steps owners can take in reducing risk factors to qualify for preferred coverage and affordable premiums.



  • Florida Residential Wind Mitigation Inspection “Bullet Proof” reinspection resistant. If you want your clients to avoid issues with Reinspections this is the service for you. One inspection is all it takes to qualify eligible credits and make sure they are not accidentally or unfairly removed by reinspection programs.
  • Four Point Inspection- HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Roof
  • Roof Age Condition and Remaining Life Determination
  • Commercial Wind Mitigation Inspection
  • FORTIFIED Evaluation – (Alabama, Mississippi, NW Florida) For homeowners building new homes or improving existing properties to acheive FORTIFIED Designation, Bronze, Silver or Gold. The Evaluation documents existing features, provide the basis for improving the structure to meet designation, and provide the owner with a consultant who will work with contractors to insure FEH Designation levels are met. For existing homes we recommend the FORTIFIED Home Review first, the cost of this inspection is deducted from the full Evaluation cost when you move forward with Bronze, Silver or Gold Designation.
  • FORTIFIED- Home Review (first step in determining eligibility and mitigation improvements needed on Existing structures)
  • Standard Underwriting Inspection- Exterior Inspection of Property Risks and Replacement Cost
  • Customized Underwriting Inspection- Exterior Inspection, Wind Mitigation, Tree Risk, Wildfire (if applicable), Detailed Replacement Cost, Four Point Inspection
  • CHARTIS Private Client Group Wind Mitigation Inspection with Owner Recommendations
  • PURE High Net Worth- Exterior Risks, Wildfire, Tree Risk, Wind Mitigation, and Replacement Cost
  • Third Party Qualifier Inspections
    (Verifies proper application of Hurricane Protection Systems to manufacturers specifications)
  • Mitigation Improvement Consulting (pre-construction, in-progress and final inspection)
  • DSCI Risk Evaluation- Designed for buyers or owners to assess common underwriting concerns and risks that can have a positive or negative impact or insurance costs prior to application for coverage. Include Exterior Risks/Hazards, Tree Risk, Accurate Replacement Cost, Wind Mitigation Features, Wildfire Exposure, Interior Features, Four Point Inspection (only for homes older than 25 yrs), RecallChek to check for fire or electrocution hazards in built in appliances, Neighborhood features (when applicable) and location information based on wind exposure and fire service response.