New – Become a DisasterSmart Leader

In cooperation with FEMA’ s Building Science Branch, FLASH launched DisasterSmart—Leadership for a Resilient Future. The new education initiative is for leaders seeking to advance disaster resilience by fostering an environment with strong, well-built residential homes as the foundation for community resilience. DISASTER SMART LEADERSHIP

Alabama leads the nation in home mitigation from storms

“We must take precautions well in advance of mighty storms. And, believe it or not, the State of Alabama is on the forefront of home mitigation in America, as we lead the charge of home safety and illustrate to our nation how to build and strengthen homes when it comes to protecting them from powerful […]

Published on Sep 25, 2013 Members of Sea Grant, Smart Home America and Fortified Homes Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety discuss the benefits of fortified buildings in a resilient community. Fortifying homes can protect them from hurricanes and coastal storms. SEE THE VIDEO

Alabama’s Move to a FORTIFIED Future

After years of being battered by hurricanes, Alabama needed a new way forward to better withstand these punishing storms. Through the personal commitment of a group of individuals, the use of a proven construction standard, and a healthy dose of legislative resolve, the state is now well on its way toward creating a FORTIFIED future […]

See what FORTIFIED building is all about

                  Habitat for Humanity Southwest Alabama will be hosting an open house in Mobile, Alabama, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 16, to showcase construction features that make a home stronger against storms. The house, located at 575 E. Felhorn Road in the Hillsdale subdivision, was built […]

Grand Strand homes receive

Disaster Smart provides the FORTIFIED Evaluation Services for the My Strong Home program in Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Tuesday, June 23rd 2015, 6:18 pm CDT Tuesday, June 23rd 2015, 9:09 pm CDT By Russel Abad MURRELLS INLET (WMBF) – Ten homes in the Grand Strand are receiving weatherproofing renovations – and it’s not costing the homeowners […]

IBHS: After Katrina, Roofing Regulations Stronger on Gulf Coast

According to new research by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, stronger building codes and standards, along with more stringent requirements for inspections, building permits, and contractor licensing, all have contributed to safer, stronger roofs in coastal Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, since Katrina tore into the region 10 years ago. “IBHS has excellent […]

Power User Summit 2016: Disaster Smart

Disaster Smart was a featured speaker at this year’s Zerion Power User Summit. Watch Darius speak about stronger, safer homes and how Disaster Smart leverages technology to educate consumers and provide practical long term solutions to loss of life and property damage resulting from poor construction practices, weak building code enforcement, and a mass migration to […]

Instead of Selling “Resilience,” Try Offering Homeowners a New Roof

  BY JEN KINNEY | NOVEMBER 13, 2015 A retrofitted home in Mobile, Alabama (Credit: MyStrongHome) As a native of Mobile, Alabama, Jerryln London has lived through her share of hurricanes, including some memorable ones: Camille in ’65, Frederick in ’79 and Katrina in ’05. “I refer to life before and after Katrina,” she says. […]