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Meet Consumers’ Growing Demands for Safe Homes with Smarter, Stronger, Building Standards.

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Don't Just Build to Code, GO FORTIFIED™ GOLD!

Increase Sales and Profits

Satisfy the growing demands of homeowners to maintain affordable housing costs in US coastal markets. FORTIFIED™ Homes GOLD offers buyers peace of mind that the next violent tropical event is not likely to leave their family homeless, trigger large out of pocket expenses,  or cause loss of their personal possessions. Building resilient homes is not only cost effective it may reduce closing costs by lowering insurance costs. The fact is Safer Stronger homes have great appeal to consumers and contribute to a responsible effort to build resilient affordable coastal communities.

Reduce Homeowner Insurance Costs

FORTIFIED™ GOLD homes can reduce insurance costs by as much as 40% depending on the carrier (Alabama and Mississippi). Some carriers also lower windstorm deductibles for the same premium as a code built home. This can reduce the cost of home ownership by hundreds or even thousands every year while reducing the potential for out-of pocket expense typically attributed to windstorm damage to roofs.

Gain Recognition

Associate your company with a nationally recognized, trusted building safety program to increase community resilience and build market advantage. Building FORTIFIED™ GOLD is cost effective and aligns your company while improving overall economic stability and resiliency of the communities you build in.

Reduce Liability and Warranty Costs

FORTIFIED™ for Existing Homes rigorous third party inspections process helps reduce liability issues. Higher building standards helps builders avoid common construction defects that can arise by depending on local code enforcement which can lead to construction practices below minimum code requirements for structural strength.

Disaster Smart's FORTIFIED™ Process

The Strapping Inspection: Designed for homes built on piling, piers, or stem walls , during this inspection, we will document the wall to foundations connections prior to installation of the exterior wall sheathing.

The Framing Inspection: During this inspection we will document the entire load path from the roof to the walls to floors below (where required) and finally into the foundation. It includes the chimneys, gables, and porches as required ,which need additional inspection beyond wall framing. This inspection also includes components and cladding like windows, doors, roof covering, shutters, garage doors and other systems that must be tested and installed to resist wind pressures based on where the home is located and the height of the structure.

The Final Inspection: The inspection completes documentation of the doors, windows, garage doors, or shutter systems that were not installed at the framing inspection. Our team will take additional aerial photos using our licensed drone pilots and take detailed exterior photos to document the finishes of the entire home.

The close out and submittal process. The Disaster Smart Team prepares the mandatory compliance documents that are required to be signed by the Engineer and Contractor and send these out for review and signatures. We complete any remaining documentation collection for the windows doors, garage doors, shutter systems, and roof covering.

Disaster Smart  will upload all documentation to the IBHS FORTIFIED Evaluator submittal system, pay the FORTIFIED submittal fees, and answer any remaining questions presented by the IBHS auditor team.


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