As hurricane season ramps up, Disaster Smart Inspections is proud to announce being named a recipient of the prestigious FORTIFIED Crystal Award by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). This recognition highlights our dedication to empowering homeowners with the knowledge and resources needed to fortify their homes against the devastating impacts of severe weather.

The FORTIFIED program, a voluntary national standard, goes beyond traditional building codes to ensure homes are constructed with features that can withstand high winds, heavy rain, and other threats posed by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Extensive research and real-world testing have shown that FORTIFIED homes experience significantly less damage compared to those built to minimum code standards.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by the IBHS with a FORTIFIED Crystal Award,” says CEO/President Darius Grimes. “This award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to promoting resilient construction practices and helping homeowners build stronger, safer havens for their families.”

The Importance of FORTIFIED Homes

Living in areas prone to severe weather events, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to safeguard your property. FORTIFIED homes offer several key advantages:


Here at Disaster Smart, we are a leading provider of FORTIFIED inspections and consultations. We offer a comprehensive range of services to guide homeowners through the FORTIFIED designation process, including:

Initial Consultation: Our team will discuss your specific needs and guide you through the benefits of FORTIFIED construction.

Pre-Construction Inspection: We will assess your existing home or building plans to identify areas that may require modifications to meet FORTIFIED standards.

Construction Phase Inspections: Throughout the construction process, we conduct inspections to ensure compliance with FORTIFIED guidelines.

Final Inspection and Designation: Upon completion, we perform a thorough final inspection and assist you in obtaining your official FORTIFIED designation.

By partnering with Disaster Smart Inspections, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your safety and well-being. We understand the complexities of the FORTIFIED program and will work closely with you to ensure your home meets the highest standards of resilience.

Building a More Resilient Future

The growing number of FORTIFIED homes across the nation signifies a positive shift towards building stronger, more durable communities. Disaster Smart Inspections is proud to be a part of this movement, and we encourage all homeowners to consider the benefits of fortifying their properties. By investing in FORTIFIED construction, we can create a future where communities are better equipped to weather the storms, both literally and figuratively.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about the FORTIFIED program and how Disaster Smart Inspections can help you achieve a designation, contact us today. We offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have. Together, we can build a stronger, safer future for your family and your community.