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Disaster Smart collaborates with companies that develop standards and evolve to assist people in protecting not only their assets, but also their overall well-being.

Hurricane Andrew, a destructive Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that hit the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana in August 1992, exposed severe flaws in critical community functions, prompting the modernization of how our non-profit partners and the country’s leading consumer advocate for home strengthening, FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes), now prepares for and responds to natural and man-made disasters.

In a recent podcast episode entitled, Hurricane Andrew: A “Boots on the Ground” Story  FLASH President and CEO Leslie Chapman-Henderson as well as John Zarrella, President of JZ Media and former CNN correspondent, share their experiences before, during, and after the storm, that helped spur an undertaking to improve safety.

That undertaking would turn into the National Mitigation Movement, which has greatly reduced the loss of life and mitigated property damage in nearly all aspects of disaster readiness, including communications, emergency management, insurance, telecommunications, utility provisioning, weather forecasting technology, and more, by helping communities have a plan during their most vulnerable times.

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