Disaster Smart provides the FORTIFIED Evaluation Services for the My Strong Home program in Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

By Russel Abad

MURRELLS INLET (WMBF) – Ten homes in the Grand Strand are receiving weatherproofing renovations – and it’s not costing the homeowners a penny. It’s part of a larger project being tested in The Grand Strand.

MyStrongHome is a company which makes houses more wind resistant. They come to your house, inspect your roof and attic, then find out what needs to be done to get your home “fortified” as defined by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. The new company is in the pilot phase and absorbing all costs of renovations for the customers for company research and development purposes.

MyStrongHome plans to move to a self-financing model where insurance savings from homeowners will pay back the costs of construction. The company will figure out what needs to be done as well as supervise and pay a contractor to completely refurbish your roof and windows to be storm resistant. Because the insurance company will be less likely to get a claim, the hope is that your homeowner’s insurance premium will be much lower and that you’ll have a home to brave the elements.

Bill Duncan has lived in his Murrells Inlet home for 8 years. He has wanted to fix up and weatherproof the home for just as long. Duncan applied for a grant under South Carolina’s Safe Home Project which allocates money from the legislature for upgrading homes, but was not accepted.

MyStrongHome sought the Department of Insurance to find applicants like Duncan who were not accepted into the South Carolina Safe Home Project. The ten lucky homeowners became part of a pilot project in the Grand Strand to receive renovations from MyStrongHome without having to pay for it.

When upgrades on his roof and gables are complete, Bill Duncan’s house should be certified silver under the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety’s fortified home standards. However, Duncan is most excited to have a safe house and family during the hurricane season.

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