Disaster Smart was a featured speaker at this year’s Zerion Power User Summit. Watch Darius speak about stronger, safer homes and how Disaster Smart leverages technology to educate consumers and provide practical long term solutions to loss of life and property damage resulting from poor construction practices, weak building code enforcement, and a mass migration to coastal regions of the US. Disaster Smart has developed a unique solution working with iFormbuilder that allows them to rapidly deploy new inspection platforms increasing accuracy while automating reports and data flows using cloud based technologies.

The advancements in business enterprise solutions that are available today are simply amazing. One no longer needs to be dependent on paper and pencil, slow and expensive software development teams, or internet connections to be able to complete field inspections and refine data into high quality deliverables. Working closely with iFormbuilder we have taken a process from what normally took months or years to develop test and implement  and reduce it to weeks, or even days.”


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