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Household chores, no one wants to get up early on a weekend and clean gutters or do yard work, but in doing so, you can, not only retain your home’s value but also lessen the likelihood of damage in the event of inclement weather or natural disaster that could lead to expensive repairs.  We’ve listed the top 8 preventative chores that homeowners can do to provide longevity to their property and help their homes retain their monetary value:


The roof of your home is one of the most important components, as it quite literally covers everything underneath it– from your family to your foundation. Ensure to remove any leaves, limbs, or anything else that shouldn’t be there to prevent rot or other costly repairs/replacements.  If you see things growing out of the roof, it’s most likely time to repair or replace it. For more signs that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, please read our article Is it Time to Reroof: 12 Signs That a Replacement May be in Your Future .


If the rain gutters are clogged or misaligned, make sure to clean & repair them, as they are harbingers of moisture,which can lead to damage. Remove any leaves/debris.  If you notice that your paint is peeling or that there are any cracks or chipping in the siding or stucco, repair as soon as possible.


If any exterior entrances or openings lead under your home or deck, make sure to cover them as it can lead to unwanted pests/animals that can dig holes and compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation.


By draining your water heater annually, you can remove any accumulated sediment, which can build up and cause damage, that may lead to leakage.


Your HVAC system will need to work a lot harder if the filters aren’t clean, which could lead to damage or failure.  Replace these at least every three months. Your kitchen exhaust fan filter can accumulate grease from the fan, ensure to replace these annually.


Water damage is the most common problem that most homeowners see & can cause major issues.  There are a few steps you can take to prevent issues like: Making sure not to put food down the drains as it can cause clogging & ensuring there are no unnecessary drips or leaks throughout your home.


If lint builds up in the dryer hose or vents it can make you more prone to fires, as the lint is extremely flammable.  According to the US Fire Administration, clothes dryers cause almost 3000 fires a year and $35 million in property loss.


Those beautiful trees in your yard provide shade and curb appeal but they also can provide a hefty bill if not properly maintained.  Ensure to have any large branches that can damage your home.  Ensure that you have proper drainage for your landscaping so that water doesn’t accumulate and cause foundation damage. Additionally, any bushes, shrubs, or other plants that may touch your home, should be trimmed back so that don’t damage the structure. 



Regular maintenance of your property will improve the longevity of your property and help it keep its value.  If you should find any of these tasks daunting contact a licensed professional.