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In a recent press release, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced on May 1st, 2023, that he had fined Texas law firm McClenney Moseley & Associates (MMA) $2 million for engaging in unfair trade practices and insurance fraud. The fine is the largest ever issued by the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI).

The LDI’s investigation found that MMA had submitted at least 856 fraudulent claims to insurance companies on behalf of Louisiana policyholders. The firm would often file claims without the policyholder’s knowledge or consent and would then negotiate settlements with the insurance companies without disclosing the policyholder’s interest in the case. In some cases, MMA would even forge the policyholder’s signature on documents.

The LDI also found that MMA had engaged in a number of other deceptive practices, such as:

“The illegal insurance scheme perpetrated by McClenney Moseley & Associates is frankly one of the most egregious cases that has ever come through this department,” said Commissioner Donelon. “The $2 million in fines should put all bad actors on notice that fraudulent behavior will not be tolerated in Louisiana.”

In addition to the fine, MMA has been ordered to cease and desist from engaging in unfair trade practices and insurance fraud. The firm has also been ordered to pay restitution to the policyholders who were harmed by its actions.

The LDI encourages policyholders who believe they may have been the victim of insurance fraud to contact the LDI’s Office of Insurance Fraud at (225) 326-5350,  Toll Free: 1-800-259-5300, or by visiting