Alabama Wind Mitigation Discounts

While the FORTIFIED Home Program offers the largest credits for hardening your home against windstorms, there are other credits available through some companies for having certain wind resistant features installed. The only way to know is by ordering a Wind Mitigation Inspection to document the current feature that meet the underwriters requirements.

Think of it like having an exam to eliminate any concerns of pre-existing conditions that may increase the potential for damage in windstorms. Anecdotal experience in this case will not count it requires a comprehensive inspection and detailed report to meet the underwriting requirements and obtain either discounts or coverage options.


Items that are inspected and documented in the Wind Mitigation Inspection include:

  • Building Code Version or FORTIFIED Designation (if applicable)
  • Roof Covering Type, Condition, Wind Resistance, and Year Replaced or Installed
  • Roof Deck Strength and Attachment
  • Roof to Wall Connection Type and Compliance
  • Roof Geometry/Shape
  • Gable Bracing (when applicable)
  • Wall Framing Construction and Finishes
  • Sealed Roof Deck
  • Opening Protection Systems

Many of these same features are part of our DSCI Home Review so while we are performing the Wind Mitigation Inspection we can also complete a Home Review for an additional fee to provide the owner with information on how to increase wind premium credit opportunities. DSCI is the only company that has the certification and training to do both of these types of inspections at the same time.


The FORTIFIED Home program BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD Certificates are only available to builders and homeowners that engage the services of a Certified FORTIFIED Evaluator during the construction, reroofing, and remodeling process.

In Mississippi, residents with FORTIFIED Home Certificates not only reduce the likelihood of water and wind damage to their property, they qualify for insurance discounts (up to 50%), and some will also qualify for “preferred coverage” that is not available for homes that do obtain a FORTIFIED HomeTM Certification.

Building or remodeling a home to the FORTIFIED standards can save hundreds or thousands per year in home owner maintenance costs.

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