The Next Best Thing to a Free Roof!

Disaster-Smart, Inc. works closely with MyStrongHome by handling the FORTIFIED evaluations.  “This is a phenomenal program for the homeowner” states Darius Grimes, CEO, Disaster-Smart, Inc. The only thing better than a FORTIFIED roof is a low-cost or free FORTIFIED roof. If you can’t wait on the Strengthen Alabama Homes grant, MyStrongHome could finance your new […]

ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape for Resilient Roofs

ZIP System sheathing and tape when used in roof assemblies helps meet FORTIFIED Home national resilient building standards.  Take a few minutes to review this post. Storm season is coming, and with it, a heightened sensitivity to protecting jobsites and the durability of homes down the road. Resiliency is all about a home’s ability to […]


Disaster Smart is one of the small number of Certified Evaluators for the FORTIFIED program in the coastal area.  Give us a call at (888) 964-8776 to discuss how we can help you reach your FORTIFIED designation. FORTIFIED is the new normal in construction. It is a set of engineering standards based on over 20 […]

Shut the Doors on Florence

“Here is a very simple thing to do to reduce damage risks whether you stay or if you go.” Coastal storm approaching? Close all interior doors, in addition to all windows and exterior doors, to reduce damage risks. Closing interior doors can give your roof a fighting chance in a severe wind storm. If a […]

Hurricane Prep – Before and After

A hurricane headed to you is a very stressful situation for you and your family.  Do I go or Do I stay is constantly going through your mind.  But with an evacuation plan in place for your family, along with better understanding of how to deal with the aftermath of the storm, you are better […]

Breaking the “Build-Destroy-Rebuild” Disaster Cycle

– A Statement from the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) Learning from the 2017 Disasters to Create a Reliably Resilient U.S. The Learning from the 2017 Disasters to Create a Reliably Resilient U.S. FLASH paper is a very comprehensive report on all 2017 Disasters from California Wildfires to Hurricanes.  It is well worth taking […]

North Carolina weakened its building codes in 2013

Here is a problem too often we see with the regulatory departments lengthening the cycle between building code adoption from three years to six. It’s a decision they may regret as Hurricane Florence takes aim at the Carolinas. Click here to read the article

IBHS Offers Guidance as American Coastlines Prepare

This article from IBHS is a very informative hurricane preparedness expose’.  It is one of the most comprehensive one we have seen and is worth your time reviewing it. NHC: Multiple Storms Churning the Atlantic and Pacific Beware Hurricane Florence: Residents of the Carolinas, Virginia Urged to Document and Protect Property; Plan for Evacuation, High […]

Storm Surge Kills; Can’t Be Outrun

Below is a very interesting article that IBHS has developed with help of several other entities.  It is well worth you taking a look at it. What is Storm Surge? Storm surge is the very fast, abnormal rise in seawater level during a storm, measured as the height of the water above the normal predicted […]