Wind Mitigation Inspections: What are they & the Importance of Receiving One

Illustrated Image of tiny characters with larger ruler performing an inspection on a giant house

  Home ownership comes with its own set of highs and lows, especially when it comes to the upkeep and protection of your property. One of the most important considerations for coastal properties, is to determine if your home is protected from wind; as hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms are an often-unpredictable regional norm. When […]

What is This …and Other Questions About the FORTIFIED™ Program?

Image of the Fortified Logo with a question mark on a brick background

    We get a lot of questions from new and existing homeowners concerning the FORTIFIED™ program, so we’d like to take a moment and answer the most common ones:   What is a Fortified™ home? A FORTIFIED™ home is one that utilizes uniform building methods designed to improve & strengthen new and existing homes […]

Regular Maintenance Means Less Damage & More Value

Man Holding Orange Electric Grass Cutter on Lawn

    Household chores, no one wants to get up early on a weekend and clean gutters or do yard work, but in doing so, you can, not only retain your home’s value but also lessen the likelihood of damage in the event of inclement weather or natural disaster that could lead to expensive repairs. […]

Is it Time to Reroof? 12 Signs That a Replacement May be in Your Future

image of roof of a modern house showing trees in the background and sky

    If you’ve ever had a child throw a ball on your house, or grabbed the ladder to clean your gutters, then chances are, you’ve taken a glance at an often forgotten but critically essential part of your home—the roof. While you were up there, did you think about the shingles that might be […]

What It Means and How To Be Disaster Smart

House destroyed off it's stilts with beach with the ocean washing on what was once a 3 story home

  The coastal areas that we service are home to some of the most beautiful locations for properties…from Pensacola, FL & Orange Beach, AL with their beautiful white sugar sandy beaches, Coastal Louisiana with its eclectic culture, gorgeous bayous & rich history, all the way to South Carolina with its beautiful mountain ranges, Spanish moss […]

Disaster Smart Partner FLASH Discusses Community Preparedness in Informative Podcast

Partially Submerged Traffic Sign

Disaster Smart collaborates with companies that develop standards and evolve to assist people in protecting not only their assets, but also their overall well-being. Hurricane Andrew, a destructive Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that hit the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana in August 1992, exposed severe flaws in critical community functions, prompting the modernization of how our […]

Supporting the 2022 National Disaster Resilience Conference (NDRC22)

National Disaster Resilience Logo with the date November seventh thru tenth, 2022 in Clearwater Beach, FL

2022 National Disaster Resilience Conference (NDRC22) Presented by the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) Partnership   National Disaster Resilience Conference – the premier conference for peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing for disaster resilience leaders.  Who’s Who at NDRC? Every year, the NDRC brings together a strong array of leaders, including presenters and attendees […]